Домой Здоровье Classic Pilates Mat Class | Level 1

Classic Pilates Mat Class | Level 1

We can thank Joseph Pilates for this classic Pilates Flow sequence. I am putting a spin on it and teaching all of the Pilates mat exercises at a Level 1 pace.

This is a 40 minute at home Pilates workout with no equipment.

If you know the classic Pilates Flow Sequence, you know that many of the exercises are very advanced. This level 1 Pilates class for beginners will guide you through the classic Pilates mat workout with many variations of traditional Pilates mat exercises so you can get the benefit of the Pilates flow and start to build a strong Pilates foundation to support a more advanced Pilates class in the future.

The Classic Pilates Flow is an effective Pilates workout with no equipment. If you would like to view the original Pilates flow, make sure to check out this video:

If you enjoyed this at home Pilates class, make sure to check out the other classic Pilates workouts that will be posted throughout the rest of the year.

Join me on the mat and let me know how it goes!


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Beth Sandlin from Trifecta Pilates LLC strongly recommends that you consult with a medical provider before beginning any exercise program.


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