Домой Мода Tulips Flowers Collection 2021 | Spring 2021 | #BuhayCanada

Tulips Flowers Collection 2021 | Spring 2021 | #BuhayCanada

I got to share my tulips flowers collection this year. I enjoyed them so much that I had to take pictures of them, took video of them. I visited them when I woke up in the morning, I admire them before I leave home. Almost like obsession but not really it was admiration. I have plans of adding maybe 2 or more colors for next years bloom. I realized that rabbit also a big fan of tulips they like to eat them when buds are very young. And so with other plants like hosta plants, rabbit also eats their early shoots. As of now I do not know how to deter them but to share it to them I guess, as long as they wont nibble it all. Otherwise my neighbors will see me chasing rabbit hahaha.
I hope you will enjoy watching my beautiful tulips collections of pictures and videos.
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Take care and God bless!


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