Домой Здоровье Pilates Resistance Band Workout | 40 Minute at Home Pilates Workout

Pilates Resistance Band Workout | 40 Minute at Home Pilates Workout

This Pilates resistance band workout has a little of everything, and you will leave the mat feeling stronger and more flexible. Adding a resistance band to Pilates exercises is an effective way to add variety to your typical routine and to help encourage muscle activation and elongation.

This 40 minute Pilates mat class with a resistance band is a well rounded Pilates class and we get started with standing Pilates exercises. In order to ensure that we are utilizing the resistance bands and our body effectively, we are going to take our time with each exercise for a gentle flowing Pilates class that will not only work your muscles but stretch the body as well.

The at home Pilates workout will be great for a level 1 Pilates class and we even do some level 2 Pilates exercises.

A truly great Pilates class will work your whole body and adding an exercise band will ensure that you will get an amazing total body workout. Exercise bands come in a variety of different resistances and lengths. I prefer a slightly longer length (about 6-8 feet) and a medium to heavy resistance. This will ensure that you can move the band but also allows the band to provide enough support for the legs when we focus on stretching the hamstrings.

Resistance bands are easy to use and not only help to add a challenge to some of the exercises but are easy for beginners to Pilates to use. Another bonus is they somewhat replicate the exercises that we can do on the Pilates equipment.

AND, one last aspect that I love about the resistance bands is they are easy to pack when you travel so you can add to your classic Pilates exercises anywhere.

Let’s get moving!

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