Домой Здоровье Pilates Awesome Upperbody Workout

Pilates Awesome Upperbody Workout

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This is a pretty intense upper body Pilates routine. Given it is only about 11 minutes, but the idea is to use this with our other Pilates routines so you can vary your entire workout and not get bored. If you are working off a computer you can que them up in different tabs or make a playlist and they will play sequentially. Also keep moving between videos. You could do a «Pilates 100» in between, we have a video on this.

Don’t forget to stretch after, and there are video’s on that to, you could even do the stretch that is the end of every cycle class. It is a very good leg stretch routine or there are some good Yoga stretches by Val also short routines.


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With our new Super Set routines, you can do 15, 30 or 45 minutes by adding in more eFit30 routines at the end of this, This is part of the super set series, Choose to do 15, 30, or 45 minutes of exercise! You can do this power workout once for 15 minutes, twice for 30 minutes or at the end of this we provide other suggested routines to build to 45 minutes! Your choice!

Remember to always warm up before exercise and stretch after exercise. There is an eFIt30 video specifically about stretching.

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