Домой Здоровье Returnal | 16 ADVANCED GAMEPLAY TIPS - Avoid Death!

Returnal | 16 ADVANCED GAMEPLAY TIPS — Avoid Death!

Returnal advanced gameplay tips and guide to surviving longer in the game! Quickly dispatch elite enemies, expand your health, master powerful guns, improve controls, and find hidden secrets!

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Background music:
Forget Me Not — Patrick Patrikios
Dark Side — Patrick Patrikios

00:00 Intro
00:22 Melee Stagger
00:39 Special Statues
00:53 The Powerful Dreadbound
01:25 Interrupting
01:40 Improved Dash
01:56 Free Healing
02:09 The Tricky Electropylon Driver
02:33 Expand Health Bar
02:52 Glowing Orange Creatures
03:04 Access Higher Areas
03:20 Risky Interactions Button
03:37 Secret Walls
03:52 Hidden Items
04:04 Improved Crosshair
04:27 Closed Gates
04:44 Weapon Traits
05:17 Outro

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